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It Is About You

The whole story is: everything is not about you, but everything also IS about you. Without your partnership, God’s work that He planned in advance for you won’t happen. Without your cooperation, His invitation for you to be grown, sanctified, blessed, and made righteous won’t happen. So in that regard it IS about you.

As a parent, you have the choice to work in His Garden nurturing the plantings in your care. He specially chose the tender shoots in your home to receive what you can give them. He knew the quirks they would come to know, He knew the hardships they would have to face, He knew the shortcomings they would learn to deal with, He knew the special gifts you only could bestow upon them, He knew all of it, and He entrusted them to you to care for until they are ready to become fully accountable.

You get to choose how to start their every day, how to end their every day. You get to decide what food goes in, what books go in, what games go in, what movies go in. They become what they consume, and that all begins with your choices. Psalms 115:8 tells us that we become what we worship, or spend a lot of time thinking about. As parents, we will show our God to our children first: do we portray God’s love for them: unchangeable, committed to only what is best for them, willing to weather their discontent over changes & temporal things to point them toward deeper learning & growing? Do we instead portray shallow idolatry, love that will wither before their poor opinion or their desire for instant gratification?

In these ways, it is ALL about you! What you choose shapes their very core memories and being. What a deep and wide task God has trusted to you!! He knows that in shaping your children you yourself will be shaped and never be the same, if you just let Him use it. The things you do to honor Him will return to you a hundredfold, and your children will one day rise up to call you Blessed.

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