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About Us 

Peachtree Learning Center is located at 402 N. Walnut Avenue in Cookeville, Tennessee, and is an educational non-profit organization; non-denominational arts school serving families and children with quality visual and performing arts instruction, along with enrichment in the academic arts. Our goal is to equip each student to express creatively the individual gifting placed within their hearts.  Peachtree is also dedicated to the presentation of public art shows, music concerts, instrument recitals, and community outreach.  

Our desire for each student is that they will be equipped to become light in the darkness of our present day culture as we seek to redeem the arts for the glory of God

Peachtree is pleased to serve our community by offering the following:

-Homeschool Enrichment Classes

- Pre-school Enrichment Classes

- Peachtree Prep High School Classes

- After-noon Classes

- Camps and Workshops

- The Brown Bag Concert Series

- Parent Connection Workshops (an opportunity for parents in any stage of their

homeschooling journey to find encouragement, inspiration, and support.)

- Rentals and Special Events


 The land and building that houses Peachtree Learning Center was built and dedicated to the purposes of God in 1927. From that time on it has served many families and hosted several diverse expressions of worship.  Our current expression is focused upon training and encouraging the next generation to communicate through the arts by providing a safe place for students to explore and participate in the creative disciplines. Along with our established Homeschool Arts Enrichment Program that has been providing quality arts education for the past 20 years; we are presently developing additional youth classes, camps, and adult classes.  Peachtree is also dedicated to the presentation of seasonal public art shows, music recitals, and performances, including those specifically oriented to outreach.

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