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Compared to Who?

As a mom, it is a relentless temptation to compare what we do with what others do, leading us to either assume we have it figured out or assume we are the ones whose children are being short-changed. If someone else has chosen sports for their children’s extra-curricular focus, we second-guess our choice for art; if we see a child crunching on edamame for snack, we are tempted to hide our child’s packet of gummies. It can be pervasive, distracting, and discouraging.

Yet our children are unique creations of our Creator, and He places each of them purposefully into the family unit that He knows will give them the opportunities to become who He made them to be. It is easy to forget that little fact in the day in-day out swing of things, but it is fact nonetheless. He knew that person’s child would go barefoot outside all 12 months of the year; He knew that that mom would make sure her child never ate any pre-packaged food; He knew one family would celebrate birthdays with big splashy parties every year while another would celebrate with family dinners at home. He knows it all, and He ordained placement for every child. He knows that you have what it takes available to you as the mom in your home to give the children under your care what they need to thrive and find Him, which is of course the ultimate goal. He doesn’t under-equip any mom for her task but prompts her to seek His help along the way.

So as this school year begins, remember to prayerfully seek His Guidance in all things for your family, listen to His Voice, and not to that voice in your head prompting you to look around and compare. Remember His Word to you in 2 Cor. 10:12: “We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.“ He is calling you to look upon His Face and seek only His Counsel, regardless of how others will see and compare to each other.

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