Eric Beaty

Eric Beaty is widely known for his guitar lesson videos on his YouTube channel which has amassed over 1.3 million views since beginning in 2007.  In 2011, Eric was blessed to begin teaching private guitar lessons full-time, and would later create his very own professional instructional courses now known as Texas Blues Guitar and Bluegrass Guitar Essentials.  Eric enjoys performing regularly with the Gospel group The Gilbert Family from Sparta, TN, with whom he has recently begun recording a new album.  He also enjoys working with his guitar students, both through his instructional materials and in person.  Eric has also taught ukulele for two years at Peachtree Learning Center.  In addition, Eric recently pursued writing as a hobby and potential additional career.  Eric lives with his wife, Melissa, in Cookeville, TN, and is proud to be included in the family of instructors at Peachtree Learning Center.  For more information, please click on the link below:

Eric Beaty Busi­ness Policies & Lesson Schedule

Lucy Knowles

Lucy is a 2018 homeschool graduate of Daniel 1 Academy. Having been a part of the Peachtree handbell program since its inception, she has been an integral part of both the Intermediate and Master Bells classes, as well as a teacher and assistant teacher of Handbells I.  Lucy’s musical training began with piano 11 years ago, and she is currently studying piano under Camille DaSilva of the Annie Moses Band. She has been a national member of the Piano Guild Auditions for three years, having scored Superior Plus in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Lucy is also studying music composition, arranging, and improvisation at the Conservatory of Annie Moses. When she’s not making music, Lucy is busy co-owning the craft business Livi & Lucy, writing her third novel, and creating short videos.  Lucy believes that excellence in music should be pursued to glorify God, encourage, and bless others. She is excited to share her experience and vision with Peachtree students.

Olivia Merritt

Olivia Merritt is a homeschool graduate of Daniel 1 Academy, and is blessed to have been teaching at Peachtree for 5  years,  She is a certified Family Herbalist through Vintage Remedies, has formally studied photography, and co-owns Livi & Lucy Market as well as Olivia Merritt Photography.  She has studied piano, theater, and voice over the last 10 years, and is currently studying voice and drama at the Annie Moses Conservatory.  Olivia has participated in a number of shows through the Homeschool Dramatic Society and the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival, taking her to Carnegie Hall, the Grand Ole’ Opry, and a role in the premiere of the musical “Merry Christmas, Uncle Scrooge!” as well as a drama masterclass with acting legend John Rhys-Davies. Olivia was a member of Peachtree’s bell and vocal choirs from their beginning through her graduation. She loves working with young children and helping develop their creativity, and is thankful for the opportunity to share her interests with children while encouraging them to develop their talents to use for God’s glory.

Sarah Merritt

Sarah is a violinist and mandolinist. She has been classically trained at the Conservatory of Annie Moses, where she is now a faculty member. Alongside her classical repertoire she has studied fiddle and improvisation skills extensively. For a few years at the Conservatory she has honed skills in arranging and composing her own music, which today she does regularly for the band “Felicity”.

As a student of the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival, she has performed on the stages of the Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall, and the Bluegrass Underground. She was in the orchestra for the Annie Moses Band’s PBS show “The Art of the Love Song,” and she has recorded on several projects with the Nashville Praise Symphony, the Notgrass Company and the Great Smoky Mountain Association. Her first EP came out in 2016.

Sarah has taught at Peachtree Learning Center since 2012, and was excited to formally help organize Peachtree’s strings program in 2017. She is certified in the Annie Moses Method and in Suzuki through level 2. She believes that the pursuit of excellence in music is a powerful tool in the Kingdom of God that can give the young and old alike a platform for spreading the Gospel, and is enthusiastic about Peachtree’s vision of “Redeeming the Arts for the Glory of God.” Please visit her website 

Violin & Mandolin Instructor

Tabitha Merritt

Tabitha Merritt studied music through college and has performed in community choruses and ensembles ever since.  She was passionate when her daughters were young about exposing them to great music and including that in their daily education.  Music is something she feels God uses to bring people closer to Him, because the unique ability to make music is one way we are reminded that we reflect His Image in us. Because of this, she is enthusiastic about sharing this gift with people of all ages, and excited to be working with the Music classes at Peachtree.  Raising children to enjoy excellent music is not only to help them develop their God-given talents, but will hopefully inspire a lifelong pursuit of excellence in whatever field they choose and help them to always appreciate excellent music wherever they find it.  Tabitha is thankful for the mission of Peachtree to redeem the arts for the glory of God and will be eagerly participating in that goal with the children in her classes!!

Debbie Wood

Debbie has been teaching private piano lessons at Peachtree for
two years.  She is currently teaching on Tuesdays and would like to
expand her teaching days to Thursdays and possibly Fridays.  Debbie
has a B.S. in Music Education and Music Therapy from TN Technological
University and has been teaching for over 35 years.  Debbie is the
pianist for her church and leads the adult choir and handbell choir.

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