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Algebra 1

Ages: 13+ years old

Teacher:  Canaan Bowman

This course will prepare students with a study of basic Algebraic skills through historical, practical, and theoretical lenses. We will utilize the Math-U-See curriculum alongside other resources as needed.

*High school level class, available for Jr. High students.  Priced accordingly.*

Fractions, Decimals, & Percents

Ages: 10-13 years old

Teacher: Canaan Bowman

This class will use a combination of methods to engage as many senses as possible, including manipulatives, worksheets, videos and games.  Fall semester will focus on fractions; spring semester will focus first on decimals then percents and word problems.  Students will leave each week with work for 3 more days to bring back the following week to discuss in class.  You are ready for this class if you have studied long division. 

A printing fee of $20 is included.


Teacher: Adonna Pryor

Ages: 11+

This class touches on several relevant subjects and includes reading two novels and creating several hands-on projects to study World Geography. 

$40 fee includes workbook and supplies.  


Teacher: Canaan Bowman

Ages: 13+years 

In this course students will advance their knowledge of Geometry concepts with emphasis on proofs and geometric constructions.  Students will also have practice in applying Algebra in Geometry problems to keep those skills well-polished.

*High school level class, available for Jr. High students.  Priced accordingly.*

Great Literary Classics

Teacher: Heather Anderson

Ages: 10-13 yrs.

Students will participate in story sessions, writing assignments, individual and group lit projects.  Most reading will be completed at home.  Books required include: Sarah, Plain and Tall; The Hundred Dresses; Because of Winn Dixie; From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; and My Side of the Mountain.  We will also read two biographies in class: David Livingstone and Corrie Ten Boom. (Teacher provided)

Materials required: 1" binder

Intro to Chemistry & Physics

Teacher: Adonna Pryor

Ages: 10-13

This class is an in-depth study of the periodic table of elements and the laws of physics.  

$40 fee per family includes workbook, supplies, and experiments.

Intro to Engineering 2

Ages: 10-13

Teacher: Jack Shelton

Is your child fascinated by science and love building things? Consider our Intro to Engineering for Kids class. We will explore various STEM topics through hands-on projects such as Lego robotics, simple bridge design, and other fun lessons.

Intro to Spanish 2

Ages: 10-12 years old

Teacher: Rosa Aranda

 In this class students will build upon what they learned in Intro to Spanish 1. Students will continue to learn common words for items around the house, words to navigate their community and other basics that will help them to hold a basic conversation.  This class will also give students who desire to take Spanish I & II as a foreign language credit for high school an earlier foundation.

Jr High Writing 

Teacher: Heather Anderson

Ages:  9-13 years old

Students will focus on mechanics, paragraphs, short essays, and creative writing.  They will be required to perform writing assignments at home.  Materials needed: spiral bound notebook, binder, loose leaf college rule paper, and pencils.  Additional material fee: $15


Ages:  11-14 years old

Teacher: Canaan Bowman

This course will ready students for high school math by introducing the basics of Algebra and Geometry, as well as reviewing and expanding basic arithmetic and fractions. 

Students must purchase the following book and bring it to class each week: Understanding Pre-Algebra Workbook by Terri Husted.

US History - Jr. High

Teacher: Adonna Pryor

Ages: 10-13 yrs. 

Class will create lapbooks and timelines, and study original documents and maps to learn about the full history of the United States.  

Printing Fee- $20/family

World Events

Teacher: Eli Pryor

Ages: 8-11

Through hands-on projects, we will study the world's most important events from the Flood to the Mars Rover Landing. 

World Wars

Teacher: Eli Pryor

Ages: 10-13

The two world wars are the most significant conflicts in recent history, and still influence us today.  We will look at the leaders,  their ideas, and the machinery that defined the 20th century. 

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