11:00-12:00 - Life Science 

12:00-1:00 - 20th Century Lit. 

12:00-1:00 - Fractions

1:00-2:00 - Tennessee History

2:00-3:00 - Intro to Spanish 

2:00-3:00 - Pre-Algebra

2:00-3:00 - Poetry & Composition 

3:00-4:00 - Speech & Debate

4:00-5:00 - Rhetoric


12:30-1:30 - Because He Said Go

1:00-2:30 - Family Unit Study

1:30-2:30 - Art History

20th Century Literature

4th-7th grades

Teacher: Heather Anderson

This class will utilize novel studies of 20th century British and American children’s literature. The purpose of this class is to foster a love of reading while, at the same time, focus on academic achievement in literacy skills. The students will take active roles in learning through story sessions, language activities, writing, art, and cooperative and individual activities. A booklist will be provided before classes begin. Students will be required to keep a notebook and perform reading and writing exercises at home. 

Art History

Grades: 8th-12th

Teacher: Lori Vaughn

Students will be studying art from early civilizations through modern times. They will build an art vocabulary, learn about art criticism, the operations of art history, and participate in studio activities giving them hands on experiences and appreciation for art through the ages.  Students will explore Ancient Greek art with their very own version of the Greek Olympics.  They will go on a virtual tour of Ancient Rome, build a Medieval castle, design Byzantine mosaics, create tiles found in the Ottoman empire, and participate in a mini Renaissance festival.  Students will design their own art history board game, paint in the style of the impressionists, and discover the art of the modern era (modern, postmodern, and contemporary.) Students will see the thread of creativity woven into each culture and time period. 

Because He Said Go

K-2nd grades & 3rd-6th

Teacher: Lori Vaughn

Join Ms. Lori as we journey throughout the world, learning about missionaries of the past and present, and what it really means to "Go!" We will have an opportunity to connect with missionaries in different parts of the world, understanding their stories, and what it is like for their children to live the missionary life. This class will also participate in service projects right here in Cookeville. Loving God and loving our neighbors is the greatest journey of all!

Family Unit Study

Ages: K-6th grades

Teacher: Adonna Pryor

 This class will utilize unit studies (extensive study of one topic that integrates several subjects) to involve entire families. We will study a different topic every 4-6 weeks, and integrate social studies, science, language arts, math, Bible, music, art, etc.  The first week of each study parents are invited to join us for a kickoff and group discussion  during the first 30 minutes, so they will see the scope and direction in person.  For the rest of the first class & the succeeding classes in each study, students will break into 2 age groups, K-2 & 3-6 grades, for more focused study time, and then gather together for full group study and games, appropriate recipes or crafts, etc.  In this way, we hope to uniquely support and aid families to share learning at all their age levels.  **This class is 1 1/2 hours long each week.** 

Fractions, Decimals, & Percents

Grades: 5th-7th

Teacher: Adonna Pryor

This class will use a combination of methods to engage as many senses as possible, including manipulatives, worksheets, videos and games.  Fall semester will focus on fractions; spring semester will focus first on decimals then percents and word problems.  Students will leave each week with work for 3 more days to bring back the following week to discuss in class.

Intro to Spanish 

4th-6th grades

Teacher: Rosa Aranda

 In this class students will build upon what they learned in Intro to Spanish 1. Students will continue to learn common words for items around the house, words to navigate their community and other basics that will help them to hold a basic conversation.  This class will also give students who desire to take Spanish I & II as a foreign language credit for high school an earlier foundation.

Life Science 

Grades: 6th-8th

Teacher: Adonna Pryor

Human body: skeletal, digestive, & circulatory systems, 5 senses; Animal Life: mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, simple organisms; and Plant Life: roots, leaves, flowers, unusual plants.  Lapbooks are diagrams, mini books, and other paper manipulatives customized to emphasize the subject of the lap book.  Lapbooking is a great hands-on way for students to research and learn all about a specific topic!  Lapbooking is also one of my favorite ways to reinforce lessons. 

Physical Science

Grades: 5th-8th 

Teacher: Adonna Pryor

This class will use the tests "God's Design for the Physical World" from Answers in Genesis.  The series is organized into life, earth and space, chemistry and physics series. Each series is designed to be usable with a range of grades, with a challenge section for 7th and 8th graders.  This year we will cover the series on Physics.  Each student needs the following text: Inventions and Technology, Machines and Motion, and Heat and Energy 4th editions by Debbie and Richard Lawrence.


Grades: 7th-9th

Teacher: Adonna Pryor

 This course will ready students for high school math by introducing the basics of Algebra and Geometry, as well as reviewing and expanding basic arithmetic and fractions. 

Poetry & Composition

8th-12th grades

Teacher: Jennifer Wylie

We will work on identifying the main goal of a writing project to consider all the additional messages that a writer communicates in their choice of words and writing styles. We’ll consider the history of writing, from hieroglyphics to poetry, from newspapers to Tweets. We’ll learn from Bible passages, historical letters, and the things we read in everyday life (blogs, magazines, advertisements and books). We’ll write to share thoughts, feelings and experiences (letters, editorials and journaling). We’ll write to bring about change (persuasive articles, speeches and advocacy). We’ll write for the sheer enjoyment of expressing ourselves (poetry, fiction and sharing a passion with others). Good writing begins with getting clear about purposes, then organizing thoughts to create a strong plan. We will expand vocabulary to find the best words for our thoughts and learn to edit our sentences to make them clear and effective. Finally, we’ll look at writing for non-print applications (spoken-word, podcasts, videos, and animations).


8th-12th grades

Teacher: Jennifer Wylie

Rhetoric influences most aspects of our lives. It’s used by marketers, politicians, teachers, and even friends and family members, whether they know it or not. Research shows 95% of brain activity is unconscious. Our family and life experiences, including social and media exposures, lead us into patterns of thinking and behavior that are automatic, and often unquestioned by logic or reason. It’s important to understand how the media is able to use rhetoric and algorithms to shape and direct our lives, as well as how social media platforms are managed to get users to support certain ideas and oppose others. This class will help you learn to think logically and to identify propaganda and other ways rhetoric is used to persuasively to shape group beliefs, mindset, assumptions, expectations and behavior. We will learn how to discern the various levels of intent behind communication in speech, text, images and multimedia messages, and to evaluate the ethics and fruit of rhetoric as it’s used in the world today. We will practice using both logic and rhetoric to influence others without requiring deception or compromising core ethics and principles.

Speech & Debate

8th-12th grades

Teacher: Jennifer Wylie

According to studies, more people are afraid of public speaking than of death! How can this be? We live in a time when people’s opinions and judgements are on full display in social media. It can feel dangerous to speak your mind on almost any topic, yet there has never been a more important time for reasonable people to step into the public space and effectively speak out. But there is a difference between talking AT someone and talking TO them. A good speaker understands their audience and how to speak in a way that can be understood and appreciated, and can debate a topic without being personal or offensive. In Speech and Debate we will practice: 1) speaking off-the-cuff on a variety of topics; 2) preparing and delivering speeches on topics you’re passionate about; and 3) researching and debating topics in the news or on our hearts and minds. We will create a comfortable space for sharing personal thoughts and experiences. All students will be required to show respect and support for each other. This is the class for: A) anyone who wants to overcome shyness or discomfort with speaking publicly or even with sharing opinions in social settings; B) those who need to learn a little tact and diplomacy without compromising their message; and C) anyone who wants experience in friendly debate to help others see a different point of view.

Tennessee History

Grades 6th-8th 

Teacher: Adonna Pryor

Using more than 20 projects that incorporate creative writing, illustrations, coloring, research, and mapping, this US Elections/TN History class will take your child through the establishment of the United States' government, and through the various aspects of a presidential campaign and how a U.S. president is chosen to state history.  Designed to provide activities and encourage personal research on the topics, use it to accompany any state study, books, or history program you are using!