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Heritage Arts



American  Boy
Ages: 8-11 yrs. 
Teacher: Eli Pryor

The theme of this class is “The Spirit of Adventure,” and we will look for it in the ordinary and the extraordinary.  Embracing adventure in what God has called you to is part of His invitation to know Him.  The goal is to encourage young men to begin to think about their God-given adventure in the world!

American Girl Historical Class I 

Teacher: Olivia Atkinson
Ages: 7-10 yrs. 

We will study one Historical American Girl doll each month including: games, etiquette, arts and crafts of that dolls specific time period, along with how and what a school girl of that period studied.  In addition, within this school year we will host a mother/daughter Victorian tea.  It is not mandatory for participation in the class to own an American Girl Doll but students are encouraged to bring their favorite doll along with them each week.  This class studies Kaya, Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, Kit, & Molly.

American Girl Historical Class II
Teacher: Catrina Howell
Ages: 8-11 yrs. 

This class will continue the study of the characters of the American Girl Doll books and what life was like for girls who lived in those time periods.  With hands on activities, students will have the opportunity to meet Caroline (1812), Rebecca (1914), and Cecile & Marie-Grace (1953) by in-depth exploration into what shaped their worlds.  Students will take a journey through time as they create an American Girls’ timeline, notebook, and time related crafts.

American Girl Historical Class III

Teacher: Jami Thornsberry

Ages: 11+

This class will wrap up the previous American Girl studies by looking at how each doll made an impact in her community and her world.  Students will look at the challenges each doll faced and how she had the opportunity to develop character in overcoming these challenges.  Students will use journaling to reflect on how they can develop character and have the opportunity to participate in activities to impact their community and world.

Chess Club

Teacher: Matthew Figura

Ages: 10 & up

Take a break from screens  and boost your brain power! In this class, beginners will focus on the basics: moving pieces, developing strategy, and giving check mate.  Intermediate students will learn tactics and positional play to improve their game. 

Home Economics

Teacher: Adonna Pryor

Ages: 13+ *Girls Only 

Fall semester will focus on culinary skills, and spring will cover sewing, cleaning, and basic life skills. Much of this class will involve hands-on learning, and the $40 fee includes textbook & supplies.

Intro to Quilting

Ages - 12&up

Teacher: Amy Farmer

Join us as we learn about Quilting in America! We will explore the history of quilts in America, and look at traditional quilt blocks. Students will learn different piecing techniques, and will also learn how to press and prepare fabric for piecing and quilting, using a rotary cutter.  This will be done through fun small projects throughout the year.  During the second semester we will join in together to work on a bigger project.  

Sewing & Fiber Arts 

Ages: 10 yrs. and up

Teacher: Jessica Campanelli 

In this class we will spend half of the year learning sewing and the other half learning about Fiber Art Techniques. Students will learn basic to advanced sewing skills (hand and machine sewing). They will spend time learning the terminology and technical aspects of using a sewing machine and begin to create finished projects such as bags, scarves, clothing, and pillows. Students will spend half of the class learning about different forms of Fiber Art such as weaving, dyeing, knitting, felting, and more! We will also touch on the history of the craft. The goal is to learn how to design and make our own fabric that can then be used to create such items as accessories, decor, or clothing! **Class limit: 6*

Tennessee Arts & History

Teacher: Lori Vaughn

Ages: 10+

Student will step back in time to discover the history, geography, arts and culture of our state and the Appalachian region. Students will build a Tennessee history and arts notebook through out the year. Students will create art  and crafts inspired by our rich Appalachian heritage. Students will have enrichment homework during the week. 

Materials Fee: $20

Ages 10-13

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