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Peachtree Learning Center is located at 402 N. Walnut Avenue in Cookeville, Tennessee, and is an educational non-profit organization. The land and building that houses the Peachtree Learning Center was built and dedicated to the purposes of God in 1927. From that time on it has served many families and hosted several diverse expressions of worship.Our current expression is focused upon training and encouraging the next generation to communicate through the arts by providing a safe place for students to explore and participate in the creative disciplines. Along with our established Homeschool Arts Enrichment Program that has been providing quality arts education for the past 20 years; we are presently developing additional youth classes, camps, and adult classes.  Peachtree is also dedicated to the presentation of seasonal public art shows, music recitals, and performnances, including those specifically oriented to outreach.

Office Hours: M-F 9:00 – 4:30

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Announcing our next Brown Bag Concert: The Hall Sisters!

Hall Sisters

Join us September 23rd, 2016, for our next Brown Bag Concert, the Hall Sisters!

The four Hall Sisters radiate old-school elegance, showcasing stunning harmonies, piano, and strings.  North Carolina natives, they are exceptional performers with voices to match their good looks.

Jessica, the eldest, plays piano, sings a rich alto, and arranges for the group.  She also coaches the close, advanced harmonies to perfection.  Valerie, the playful youngest sister, contributes the top and bottom of the tonal spectrum: first soprano and cello.  The two middle sisters, Natalie and Lydia, echo their place in the sibling order by filling the musical middle: Natalie – a gentle soul with exceptional natural beauty – plays violin and sings second soprano, while the vibrant Lydia sings a gutsy alto and plays viola.

“We didn’t recognize what we had, initially,” says Jessica.  “It took inspiration and a lot of hard work to get us to where we are.” With appearances at the Grand Ole Opry House, the National Quartet Convention, and even Carnegie Hall, the Hall Sisters are an example of what practice and passion can deliver.  Music has always been at the center of the Hall household.  A love of retro styles and musical panache sparked the idea for their new show and its accompanying album, “Smile”.  But while some of the songs are nostalgic, the approach is contemporary.  “We wanted to re-imagine these timeless melodies for our generation.”

To learn more about the Hall Sisters, visit their website:



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