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peachtree entrancePeachtree Learn­ing Cen­ter is located at 402 N. Wal­nut Avenue in Cookeville, Ten­nessee, and is an edu­ca­tional non-profit orga­ni­za­tion. The land and build­ing that houses the Peachtree Learn­ing Cen­ter was built and ded­i­cated to the pur­poses of God in 1927. From that time on it has served many fam­i­lies and hosted sev­eral diverse expres­sions of worship.Our cur­rent expres­sion is focused upon train­ing and encour­ag­ing the next gen­er­a­tion to com­mu­ni­cate through the arts by pro­vid­ing a safe place for stu­dents to explore and par­tic­i­pate in the cre­ative dis­ci­plines. Along with our estab­lished Home­school Arts Enrich­ment Pro­gram that has been pro­vid­ing qual­ity arts edu­ca­tion for the past 20 years; we are presently devel­op­ing addi­tional youth classes, camps, and adult classes.


Peachtree is also ded­i­cated to the pre­sen­ta­tion of sea­sonal pub­lic art shows, music recitals, and per­for­mances, includ­ing those specif­i­cally ori­ented to outreach.


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Student Spotlight Art Show II

Our art classes have been learn­ing so much this semes­ter!  This sec­ond art show of the school year includes art inspired by Paul Klee, Hun­dert­wasser, Leonardo da Vinci, and Vin­cent Van Gogh.

Both Art I classes stud­ied Paul Klee’s, “Cas­tle and Sun.” Klee– was a painter born in München­buch­see,Switzer­land, and is con­sid­ered to be a Swiss Ger­man. His highly indi­vid­ual style was influ­enced by move­ments in art that included expres­sion­ism, cubism, and sur­re­al­ism. Klee was a nat­ural drafts­man who exper­i­mented with color the­ory. His works reflect his dry humor and his some­times child­like per­spec­tive, his per­sonal moods, his beliefs, and his musicality.

Cas­tle and Sun” is one of Klee’s most famous works of art. The styl­ish image is cre­ated out of dif­fer­ent geo­met­ric shapes and var­i­ous shades of color. The lone sun shines in the inge­niously designed sky cre­ated by strong lines and struc­ture. In addi­tion, var­i­ous rec­tan­gu­lar sizes add depth to the abstract image.

Tuesday’s class observed the shapes and col­ors Paul Klee used to cre­ate his paint­ing Cas­tle and Sun. Their art focus was on geo­met­ric shapes and com­bin­ing color.  They devel­oped the skill of using crayons prop­erly -  “singing” col­ors vs “whis­per­ing” col­ors, and adding out­lin­ing.  In addi­tion to crayons, they used con­struc­tion paper and templates.

Friday’s class con­tin­ued their dis­cus­sion on abstract art. They also dis­cussed sim­ple geo­met­ric shapes and how one can cre­ate pic­tures from his imag­i­na­tion using only those sim­ple shapes. Stu­dents focused on how to prop­erly design and glue their projects by using the glue-dot tech­nique in class. The stu­dents fin­ished projects reflect their imag­i­na­tions at work as they inter­preted their own ver­sions of “The Cas­tle and the Sun.”

Art II on Tues­day exper­i­mented with salt sur­face treat­ment.  They learned how to draw another of da Vinci’s inven­tions, the parachute.

Art II on Fri­day did a study of the Mona Lisa by da Vinci. Stu­dents learned and prac­ticed how to draw the face and head.  They also did a study of Vin­cent Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  They learned to paint land­scapes with fore­ground, mid­dle ground and back­ground, and how to apply paint with thick and bold, strong and short swirling brush strokes.

Art III did a study in positive/negative space using Leonardo da Vinci’s inven­tion, the bicy­cle, as their inspiration.

Art II — 3rd and 4th grades, and our after school art class observed the details of Paul Klee’s “Senecio” also called “Head of a Man Going Senile.”  They used these details to cre­ate a por­trait in the style of Paul Klee.  Some stu­dents gave their por­traits titles.  Their mate­ri­als for this project included crayon resist, crepe paper and water.  This project proved to be more chal­leng­ing than antic­i­pated. Stu­dents did a sam­pler to dis­cover how the mate­ri­als would behave.  We found that some crepe paper does bleed but some does not. This was a good les­son for prob­lem solv­ing! Our stu­dents per­se­vered in the midst of this chal­lenge and cre­ated some beau­ti­ful pieces.

All classes stud­ied Frei­drich Hun­dert­wasser and his abstract land­scapes.  We used the paint­ing: Black Girl, Dis­cov­ery in the Land of the Toros  to observe his use of geo­met­ric shapes and color .  We then cre­ated our own land­scape with sim­i­lar shapes.


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